A love for Noosa Weddings

I loved Noosa Weddings. As a wedding photographer, I had seen hundreds of Noosa Weddings, but It had been 17 years since I'd had a husband. I was finally ready for another one, but how would I find the man of my dreams? Watch the video to find out.

Our noosa wedding story

Meeting in Noosa

I was on my way to my favourite cafe Bistro C, on the beach in Noosa, when I noticed a handsome man my age sitting on his own. Our eyes met across the boardwalk and we both smiled and laughed. I walked in looking for a seat outside and he asked me to join him for lunch. We toasted to instant attraction and five hours later, after a very long lunch, we both knew we had found someone very special.

Planning our Noosa Wedding

We fell in love, our families met and we returned to Bistro C for our engagement a month later. Next I had to meet all the relatives in New Zealand. Then we started planning our Noosa wedding, but there wasn't a beach wedding chapel in Noosa Heads. I knew lots of Noosa wedding venues, but we decided to get married at home. We wanted something special and unique.

Noosa Chapels Of Love

I had seen French Door wedding arbours in bridal magazines, so I asked Gavin to make a simple chapel peak to go over some doors. Gavin, being the award winning designer that he is, surprised me with a little white chapel for our wedding day, complete with a chiming bell tower. I loved it, and so did our guests so decided to hire it for Noosa Weddings.