Our Favourite Noosa Beach Wedding Ceremony Locations

Maison La Plague Grove

A beautiful grassed area framed by pandanus trees. Suitable for small or large weddings. Very popular location. Book early with council.

Casuarina Gardens

Private location west of walk way beach access #17. Next to Maison La Plage Grove. Lovely for small to medium size weddings.

Laguna Grove

Very pretty backdrop for small or large weddings. Located just east of surf club tower on middle groin.

Hidden Grove

Hidden among the casuarina trees between Casuarina Gardens and Laguna Grove (between beach access 16 and 17).

Chapel arbour can also be entrance to your ceremony.

Noosa Lookout

Fabulous views over Noosa Beach, Hastings St and Noosa River. Your Chapel of Love wedding arbour would really make the setting feel extra special.

Other locations

A council permit is required for all Noosa weddings on public land. Little Cove Beach is only suitable at low tide i(f there is sand - it can be washed away in Feb/Mar.)